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Santorini Tours Baikas Travel was founded in 2005. It is a local agency, based on the island of Santorini (Thira), and made up of professional drivers with years of experience in commercial vehicles, always emphasizing on the appropriate behavior towards passengers coming from different cultures.

Baikas Travel undertakes safely and responsibly to pick up cruise passengers and plan tours on the island based on the preferences and time they have at their disposal.

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Baikas Santorini Tours is a local agency, with many years of experience.

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We can arrange transfers from / to Hotels all over Santorini. Whatever your choice of accommodation, our company can transfer individual visitors or groups wherever we are asked.

We undertake VIP guests, business or conference meetings, wedding celebrations, and other ceremonies. Organizing a safe and pleasant transfer of visitors to such special circumstances is our job.

We organize wine-testing tours at Santorini. Try the award-winning volcanic wines of Santorini as you pass among the most famous and old wineries of the island on a unique tour of the Santorini countryside with breathtaking scenery.
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